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People may talk about stressed consumers trying to get bargains. Sorry, I’m not buying. This incident is a sign of the basic soul sickness of a nation where too many people have become nothing more that “consumers” sucking greedily on the corporate matrix. Not citizens. Not stewards. Not fellow souls on a too-short journey through a cold world. Consumers. Consumers would do such a thing. Just as they would abandon the local merchants on their main streets to shop at a company with the predatory and anti-employee practices as Wal-Mart. They have made it the largest employer in many states. Their countless and thoughtless votes at the cash register helped destroy American manufacturing and create store shelves where every product is made in China. They think sweatshops are spas to lose weight put on while consuming. They wonder what happened to the good jobs their parents had and they blame unions.

Rogue Columnist (via azspot)