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Pangea has been developing Mac games for over 20 years, but according to president & CEO Brian Greenstone, the company’s App Store sales since July alone have brought in more revenue than the company’s total retail sales over the last 20 years.

Some iPhone devs raking in the cash from the App Store.

I’m happy for the people making hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars from the App Store, but the key word in this headline is “some”.

I fear that too much press about iPhone-app “lottery winners” will have two negative side effects:

  1. People will flood the market with crap in a gold rush.
  2. Good developers will put tons of time into apps that never make more than a few hundred or a few thousand bucks, therefore not being worth the time they took to create.

(note that both are already happening)

There’s money to be made with the App Store, but it’s not as easy or random as some of these articles imply.