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Most of my Christmas photos from upstate are awful because there was no light indoors and there was no sun or color outdoors. Or they’re of people you don’t know wearing pajamas all day who would be very upset if they were displayed on the internet in that state.

But I really like this one. I also took myself a new wallpaper. Both are available on Flickr in max resolution.

Neither have undergone any postprocessing at all except a crop on this one, and neither were intended to be awesome: I only took one shot of each scene, and I stupidly brought my polarizer mounted on the f/4 lens because we were going outside (I mistakenly assumed “outside” meant “sun”), so they both have higher noise and worse sharpness than I’d like because I had to rely on image stabilization and high ISOs. But they look OK small or up to 24”-monitor size (1920x1200). Just don’t look too closely at those pixels at 100%.