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Andrew Fox regarding my beer:

Marco, tell me a little about Chimay Reserve.  I’ve never had it, but I’m a huge fan of Belgians in general.

It’s very dense and strong in flavor, very high in alcohol (9%), and very good. The flavor is dominated by heavy, well-rounded barley — the hops flavor is controlled, not too strong like IPAs. It’s very naturally fizzy, and stays fizzy after opening for about a week if you can recork the bottle (like champagne). It’s brewed by monks as an official Trappist ale. It’s so dense, alcoholic, and good that the bottles are closed like champagne bottles (pressurized cork and wire wrap) and it’s meant to be served in a wine glass.

These beer snobs, who know a lot more about beer than me, gave it a higher rating than almost every other widely available beer on their (comprehensive) site.

I suggest you find a nice beer bar to try it. (NYC people: House of Brews has it.) Expect to pay $10-12 per glass. If you’re near a Wegman’s grocery store with a large selection, they sometimes have it there, but only in the stores with the newly expanded international beer section. If you can’t find it, or you want to buy it for home, I found it at this place in New Jersey that ships to a lot of states, including New York. (That’s a 750ml bottle — the same size as most wine bottles. I didn’t realize that when I ordered 8 of them. I have a lot of Chimay now. And it’s completely worth it.)