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Every day, a government official goes to your door. That’s pretty amazing and valuable when you think about it.

Postal Service seeks to weather economic storm (via pile)

Well, almost every day. Except Sundays and holidays. Five of the six days that they come to my door, they come at a time of day when almost no full-time-employed person will be there. And most of what they deliver is immediately thrown away.

The government official who comes to my door can’t do everything I need from this agency — I sometimes need to go to the post office. This is designed to be as hostile to working people as possible. My post office in Larchmont, a town where most full-time-working people commute to Manhattan, doesn’t open until 10 AM on weekdays and closes many hours before anyone gets home in the evenings. So for nearly all of the hours that this office is open, the majority of the residents of its ZIP code can’t possibly use it.

There’s certainly room for improvement in this wonderful government service.