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An emergency construction crew has been tearing up our street all night. Around 11 PM, we lost running water. (I assume these are related.) They’re still going. We still have no water.

It’s strange being without such a critical utility. I keep having to think very hard about what I can and can’t do. I’ll think, “I want to post on Tumblr! Wait… can I do that?… Oh. Yeah, the internet works.”

But later, “Oh, there’s my coffee Thermos. Time for its nightly rinse before I go to bed. Oh, wait…”

It’s also funny how valuable our remaining water has become. I need water to brush my teeth, so I scavenged and found a few ounces of day-old water in the tea kettle. I also found a partially-full water glass on the dresser from last night: usually a reminder of laziness, but tonight, an oasis. We have a half-full water pitcher in the fridge that I’m saving for last (or for drinking).

Hmm, is it getting a bit colder in here than most nights? Oh… steam radiators need water. Damn.