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My sister:

I’m in the Apple store. Right now. Playing with the iMac I’m about to buy.


Congratulations! This is a big move. This will be the first computer my sister has ever purchased — but not the first one she ever owned.

The first one she owned was my 400 MHz Pentium II system in a hacked-together full-tower case (missing a few 5” bay covers, like every good second-hand full-tower) that I built for myself in 1998. I gave it to her after I upgraded a few generations past it.

That was still her sole computer until last year. 2008. Yes, really. When it started showing signs of hard-to-diagnose hardware failure (CPU/RAM/PSU/MB), I “upgraded” her from my 9-year-old system to the 7-year-old system that replaced it, the 1.33 GHz Athlon/Geforce 3 combo that everyone built in 2001. That didn’t last as long, flaking out a few months ago and showing signs of another hard-to-diagnose core hardware problem. I didn’t have any more old desktops to give her (my next and last PC desktop died while still in active duty), so I said, “Please just buy a Mac.”

The cycle of Windows computers in my family is finally over. Now she’s upgrading from a 2001 PC to a 24” iMac.

Christine and Hernan, you will never regret this move.