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Not cool, szymon

Last week, our friend Dan Meth made The Trilogy Meter, a very popular post that spread all over Tumblr.

Today, szymon posted a copy, but with Dan Meth’s signature removed from the lower-right corner. The source he cites has the signature in the image, so Szymon must have intentionally removed Dan Meth’s signature from the image before reposting it. And since Szymon is popular on Tumblr, his altered version of the image now has 25 reblogs (with many more likely to come), so Dan’s image is now spreading around without credit. (Dan would be perfectly within his rights to ask Tumblr to take down all altered copies of his image.)

Let’s leave that sort of thing to eBaum’s World. Tumblr is better than that.

Please respect artists and make sure to properly credit their work.