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Sometimes I still can’t believe how cool my job is. I get to casually talk to people all the time who I saw as elevated, unreachable celebrities (in my world) just a few months or years ago.

I’ve never been a big mainstream celebrity fan. I walked past the Olsen twins a few months after moving to New York and didn’t even care — to me, they were just a couple of overly-made-up girls with some people who were slightly annoying to walk past because they were taking up too much of the sidewalk.

But I was actually nervous when I first went to Joel’s open house, met Gary Vaynerchuk, gave my iPhone app to John Gruber for testing, or talked on the phone with Dan Benjamin (which, as you might expect, feels like being in a podcast). In my world, they’re the celebrities. And unlike A-list actors and musicians, they’re accessible to regular people like me — because they are regular people to the majority of the world and don’t need to hole themselves up from paparazzi and crazy fans and Perez Hilton.

But just meeting and interacting with my geek-world celebrities wasn’t surreal enough. Now, people are starting to treat me like one of them at Tumblr events.

I still can’t believe all of this myself sometimes.