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Macworld: TechRestore’s matte-screen MacBook Pro service

What I find most interesting is how the conversion to a matte screen reduced the weight of the machine from 5.5 lbs. to 5.2 lbs, confirming my suspicions that the glass unnecessarily bulked up the screen lid’s weight. (For reference, the Air is 3.0, the aluminum MacBook is 4.5, the plastic MacBook is 5.0, and the 17” aircraft carrier is 6.6. So this brings it almost down to the weight of the plastic MacBooks.)

TechRestore replaces the bezel with their own black matte plastic. I don’t find theirs or Apple’s very attractive, but I do like how Apple uses metal on the 17” anti-glare option.

Offering the option in the 17” means that Apple is reconsidering the universal appeal of high-gloss screens.

I’m hoping that the next update to the 15” MacBook Pro will include an anti-glare option, and I think it’s likely. And with this year’s upcoming SSD releases, 6 months from now might be a very good time to buy a high-end laptop.