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Phish — Wilson (2009-03-08 Hampton, VA)

If you’re a Phish fan, download last week’s 3-day concert for free, legally, from before this special ends and they decide to start charging money.

Says Trey Anastasio, “We really wanted to show our gratitude to all the Phish fans for their support and the overwhelming response they’ve had to these shows. It’s going to be an amazing celebration and we only wish everybody could be there,” Phish will be recording the Hampton shows in a mobile multitrack studio, and mixing the shows overnight for immediate delivery on 256kbps MP3s will be available for free download for a limited time. FLACs and CDs are also available.

It’s 10.4 hours. 85 songs. For free. Legally. And it sounds pretty good — not quite as good as a fully mastered live album, but a lot better than any soundboard recording I’ve heard. If you like Phish, even just a little, or even if you just think you might like Phish, why wouldn’t you download this?