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Re: MacHeist

Phill Ryu wrote me a thoughtful response and counterargument with many valid points. It seems that I was wrong to assume that MacHeist’s deal was still a flat fee for developers. They offer percentages to some, especially for the larger apps. For that false assumption, I apologize, and I have edited the original post to remove the inaccurate statements in the second paragraph.

I’m not interested in arguing the specifics of the MacHeist deal with developers. I’m sure that nobody will argue the core of it: these applications are being sold at a steep discount.

My point is whether it’s a good idea, as conscientious consumers, to accept such steep discounts on the products that we use and love.

My argument is that it’s not.

Others feel differently. “It’s just a business.” “We shouldn’t be responsible for making sure developers get a good deal.” “It’s a great deal for consumers.”

If you feel that way, then we must respectfully disagree.