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Marco and Tiff go to Brooklyn, Part 2 (see Part 1)

With a more in-depth tour of Park Slope, we saw our first apartments and narrowed down the parts of the neighborhood that we prefer. We also learned some useful information from realtors.

Most 2-bedroom units are priced with the assumption that they’ll be split between roommates, and they don’t tend to be significantly larger than 1-bedrooms. This is in line with what we’ve seen, even in Westchester over the last few years — we’ve never seen a 2-bedroom that seemed spacious. There are too many walls and doors and hallways. Even the 1100-sq.ft. 2-bedrooms we’ve seen have been cramped and poorly laid out.

We only wanted the second room for an office/guest bedroom, but many 1-bedroom units have enough space or extra alcoves to accommodate that. So we’re broadening our search to large 1-bedrooms, and the listings already look significantly better. Hopefully it turns out that way in real life, too.