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This is me losing horribly, as usual, at geoDefense.

It’s a fixed-path tower-defense game (the path is predetermined in each level and you just build towers around it — you don’t make your own maze freely like you do in Desktop Tower Defense or Fieldrunners).

It’s gorgeous, with warping and bouncing wireframes fluidly exploding all over the battlefield. And it’s hard. I beat every Easy level, but on Medium, I’m only able to beat the first one (“Speed Round”). This one, pictured, is “Sneaky Snake!”, the level most likely to at least guarantee the quickest death. (I still can’t figure out exactly how anyone’s supposed to beat it. I’ve tried lots of low-level towers, a few high-level towers, different kinds of towers… nothing lasts more than 6 waves.)

The game’s frustratingly difficult and it drives me crazy. Yet, I keep playing. If you like incredibly difficult, fast-paced tower defense games, give it a try.