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The cost of AA environmentalism

We’ve been burning through AA batteries like crazy recently: our new camera flashes use 4 each, and we started using electric toothbrushes that use 2 each. Then there’s remote controls, Wiimotes, and just about everything else in the universe that runs on AAs.

I’ve been using those generic yellow IKEA batteries that usually run $1 for a 10-pack. They’re not great, but you definitely get your money’s worth. It’s pretty horrible to dispose of that many batteries, though, so I ordered some good NiMH AA rechargeables from Amazon today.

Total cost for 20 quality NiMH AAs (2500mAH) and a decent charger: $82.43. (I know you can get cheaper ones, but even with no-names, you’re probably spending at least $60 for 20 batteries that are really 2500 mAH and a charger that doesn’t suck.)

Had I spent that same amount on IKEA batteries, I’d have over 800 of them. And I’d never have to worry about whether they’re charged.