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Lessons from an Apple Genius

My iPhone started bugging out earlier today, refusing to complete a sync despite multiple reboots. I tried a Restore, and it failed, citing error code 2005 and effectively bricking the phone.

I brought it to the Genius Bar, where it promptly began accepting a restore from their computer. I asked the Genius what might have caused this to work there but not at home.

“What kind of Mac do you have at home?”

“A Mac Pro.”

“Which generation?”


Identifying it in this manner was a subtle attempt to communicate to this gentleman that I was likely to be full of my own technobullshit, and therefore it would be unwise to try to engage in a technobullshit discussion. By doing so, I was hoping he’d skip the newbie language and just give me a concise, technical explanation.

Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up the cue. He proceeded to go on a far-too-long tangent of some of the most priceless wisdom I’ve heard in a while, including:

Without boring you with the details, rest assured that all of these are complete, 100% bullshit.