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iPhone game recommendations?

I have a long flight tonight and wouldn’t mind getting some new games.

The kind of stuff I like and some of what I already have:

What I don’t like:

What’s good and relatively new, even if it’s not on the Top lists?

Already tried: Eliss, Zen Bound, Frenzic, StickWars. Also, please don’t overwhelmingly all suggest the same handful of games — I’m looking at EVERY suggestion anyway, so the more, the better!

Edge has been suggested a few times, but it has disappeared from the App Store. Maybe Mobigame didn’t renew their ADC membership.

BOUGHT SO FAR TODAY: Pocket Tanks, Drop7, Trism, Archibald’s Adventures, Flood-It!, Fruit Juice Tycoon, Jabeh, Slay, LightBike, reMovem, Touch Physics, Primrose, UniWar