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Vimeo usually makes good policy decisions. But their complete prohibition of anything that can remotely be considered for commercial purposes, even with a paid Plus account, doesn’t strike me as particularly necessary. I really don’t see why this is the right move.

I need to find somewhere else to host the Instapaper demo video. (We should move the Tumblr v5 intro video, too. I hope we’re allowed to keep the Vimeo API integration…)

Where should I go? Well, YouTube has HD now… I just hate to go without all of the niceties that Vimeo offers, especially their excellent player interface and transcoding quality, because Instapaper Pro costs money and Tumblr is incorporated.

Should I just install the JW player and host the video directly in the most mediocre way possible, or is there somewhere else that’s good at hosting commercially-natured embeddable product-demo videos with a tastefully designed player?