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Technical notes from last night’s photos

  1. I did not plan my lens ahead of time, so I had to use the fastest one I had with me: the macro. This was decent, but not ideal, since apparently music is played in cool-people places, and light is not a common feature of cool places. I really should have brought the 85.
  2. Nearly every photo was shot at ISO 6400 and I could still barely maintain a fast enough shutter (usually 1/40-1/60). I had to wait for the slower songs in which Allison didn’t move as quickly.
  3. Noise Ninja is awesome and made these photos presentable.

See the other photos here.

I enjoy sharing technical details because I’m still relatively new to most of this, and I wish others would share more technical knowledge. A lot of people can tell you about better composition and other artistic merits, but very few tell you that your photos are too red or that you should use the lowest ISO sensitivity that you can get away with or that the Thrifty Fifty has a terrible focus motor or that many lenses aren’t very sharp at their widest apertures even if you nail the focus.