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Oh, that was just on a weekday morning when nobody else is using it.

This is what happens when I try a few big downloads during peak evening hours. This is Time Warner’s premium, second-tier 15 Mbps plan in Park Slope. I guess I can call them and have them downgrade my plan to the base 10 Mbps option if I can’t even reliably approach that.

Naturally, there’s no competition, except Verizon DSL — except their highest speed is 1.5M/384k. FiOS is, as usual, not available here. Are there any other options that I’m missing?

Responses to answers: (thanks so far!) Cablevision, RCN, and Speakeasy DSL are all not available here. The graph was generated with my pfSense router. I can’t find a WiMAX provider in the area (11215) — know of any?