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This might be the shittiest and most outrageous App Store rejection to date, and that’s saying something.

John Gruber on the rejection of Eucalyptus, an ebook reader that can download content from Project Gutenberg, because the reviewer was able to search for and download the Kama Sutra.

I couldn’t quite come up with the words to express my feeling on this yet. I like John’s.

The App Store is so infuriating, developer-hostile, overly complex, and needlessly obtuse that it’s an embarrassment to Apple and all of the developers caught up in its ecosystem.

We’re making them a ton of money. Remember how Ethan Nichols has made over $800,000 (probably a lot more by now) from iShoot? For every $1,000,000 earned by developers, Apple earns $428,571. And that’s not even counting the ripple effects of selling more iPhone OS devices.

It’s time for them to start treating us like the business associates that we are.

And the status quo couldn’t be further from that.