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All ready… but nowhere to go.

There’s a minor snag in the submission process: Since my last submission was for a version called “1.4”, Apple won’t let me submit something else called “2.0” — my only option in the iTunes Connect interface is to resubmit a new binary that, if approved, would be published as 1.4.

I filled out their support form, hoping that someone there can manually edit that or delete the 1.4 submission altogether. I don’t have high hopes, though: I’ve never received a response from Apple Developer Support on anything. Ever. I’ve made them a decent amount of money in commissions, plus paid them $200 in membership fees, and they repeatedly ignore my (very few, very reasonable) requests for anything.

Please, Apple: Prove me wrong this time. Actually be helpful. Given how much money developers are making you, and how we’re all contributing to the strength of the iPhone platform (and giving you great lock-in against new competitors), it’s the least you can do.

What does it say about your developer program when I need to be this pessimistic and beg you for a response, given my terrible experiences in the past?