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Jessica Gold Haralson, an absolutely delightful person in real life who I love getting angry at on the internet, is “re-evaluating participation in this space”:

Reading some things either raises my blood pressure or increases my already-strong predisposition to negativity[.]


The solution isn’t to quit, though. The solution is to use this platform smarter.

While this isn’t quite what you were saying, some people incorrectly generalize or conflate Tumblr as a platform with segments of the community.

There is no single “Tumblr community.” No “Tumblr drama”. No issues that “everyone” is talking about. Nothing to generalize about “most people on Tumblr”. It’s far too big for that, and full of more little communities and social circles than even we know about.

Tumblr, as a community, is who you follow. It’s an environment that you create, yourself, by individually selecting the people to whom you pay attention.

It sounds like you follow people who post things that have a negative effect on your life, either by what they say or what they incite you to say, defend, or think about.

Unfollow everyone and start over. When you’re considering a new follow, ask yourself, “Will this have a positive effect on my life?” No? Pass. If bad people try to elbow their way into your Tumblr Dashboard by reblogging your posts with nastiness, block them.

This is where you’re choosing to spend your time, and you’re in complete control of whose voices you want to hear. There are enough great people out there that you can hold your Dashboard to very high standards and still have more than enough content to fill your day.