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Is this a joke? Are we kidding? There are people that have never lit a stove before? I have no faith in this country’s youth (or city dwellers? I don’t even know who to blame for this).  A video? Correct Procedure? Just light the damn thing.

Katie Schenk

Dear Katie,

Put yourself in a position in which you’re responsible for answering support emails from average people about something that you believe is simple, self-explanatory, and universally known. You’ll quickly realize that it’s none of those things.

Plus, I like writing (and reading) detailed instructions for tasks that most people consider trivial. I actually think about this stuff. I care about the details of my technique for everyday things like entering an elevator or pouring a glass of water.

Two years ago, I wrote a simple guide to making iced coffee. You might say, “Just make it.” But I’ve received more traffic and email from that article than anything else I’ve ever written.