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I love and this buggy IMAP account. I apparently have 5 unread messages somewhere. Or is it 4? Or maybe it’s 2^32 - 5393? Regardless, I can’t find them anywhere.

The really fun part is that, on three different computers, these numbers are all different. On one, it works perfectly (at the moment) and reports no unread messages. These persist through Synchronize and Rebuild commands.


  1. Consolidate your email accounts. is a bit buggy with handling multiple IMAP accounts.
  2. Don’t use Email if you plan on accessing it via IMAP.

How is MobileMe mail these days? Reliable and fast enough to use as your only account with all others autoforwarding to it? (From what I’ve heard and observed, Gmail and Google Apps For Your Domain are actually not reliable enough for that.)

For the curious: the IMAP is hosted by FastMail, and other than the annoying greylisting and the occasional spam-filter vacation (where it just stops filtering and delivers a ton of spam for about 15 minutes), I’m mostly happy with it — but not happy enough to ignore other good options.