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Here’s a great Microsoftism from today’s experience.

Trying to download the Windows 7 beta slides down the Information Bar (that dialog is my favorite Microsoftism in history) telling me that I needed to install the Download Manager. Sure, web browsers have supported downloading files without requiring plug-ins for well over a decade, but I’ll give them a pass on this.

After the file downloaded, it just sat there. Why do I need it after the file’s done? So I closed it and got this warning.

The OS X world encourages software to value people’s time, only interrupting them when absolutely necessary. Was it really necessary to confirm whether I wanted to close this when it’s no longer doing anything? What benefit would I gain by leaving it open? And if there is such a benefit that I’m not seeing, is that really so common that you’d want to prevent accidental closings with this dialog at the cost of making every user confirm this common action before doing what they asked?