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So, let me get this straight: the Diocese has enough money to make a hefty contribution to legislating morality but does not have enough money to put into education? Or how about feeding the poor? Or providing shelter for the homeless? As I remember from my years of attending and teaching Sunday School, the Bible talks far more about feeding the poor and clothing the homeless than it does about the gays.

Far From It.: Disappointed, Not Surprised.  (via 2arrs2ells)

The Catholic Church has many good people in both the clergy and the parishioners. But, like any other group of people of their size, it has always been rife with corruption, hypocrisy, politics, bickering, selfishness, and people just being assholes.

Actions like this do a lot more harm to the Church than whatever they think they’re trying to achieve, and those responsible should be ashamed of themselves and should really consider reading what Jesus of Nazareth actually said.