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I took one thing away from this. Talking about healthcare reform with these people is futile. If you’ve read much that I’ve written, you know that I don’t say this lightly. Normally, I support dialog with anybody over anything—and I get excited over almost any kind of civic engagement. But this was miserable.

Forget dialog. Let’s go into bulldozer mode.

Dan, after braving a healthcare town-hall meeting and being overwhelmed by the crazy Republican whackjobs who try to “win” arguments by screaming their illogical, incorrect points more loudly than the people who try to engage in civilized, educated discussion.

This is a pretty good summary of modern political discourse in the United States. It’s the Democrats trying to do what makes the most sense but having insufficient balls to get anything done, the Republicans putting their fingers in their ears and shouting “LALALALA!” and blocking every initiative simply because they’re sore about not being in power, and a handful of sensible conservatives wondering where their party went.