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9:16 AM: My present goes back into its box and I head to the Apple Store, fully expecting them to tell me I’m stuck with it. (But at least I know they’ll tell me in a very nice, calm way in powerful air conditioning while surrounded by metal and glass.)

9:55 AM: I explain to the Apple salesman that I know I’m out of the return period, and I’ll gladly pay the restocking fee, and I just really hate the glass screen, and now that there’s another option, I’d like to take it if he’d accept the return. I luck out — in addition to the usual niceness and reasonability that I’ve come to expect from Apple employees, this guy’s a non-glossy enthusiast, too, and was very excited for this morning’s new option for himself. He gladly takes mine back with no hassle (the restocking fee, in this case, was worth every cent) and apologizes that he doesn’t have the matte models in stock yet.

10:01 AM: Laptop’s gone and the money’s back on my card.

10:20 AM: New laptop with “antiglare widescreen display” ordered from Net cost of the swap: $250.

31 days after I bought one, and after waiting for two revisions and 10 months for it to become an option, Apple finally offers the 15” unibody MacBook Pro with a matte-screen option.