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As much as I love coffee, I’m actually pretty terrible at drinking it.

I only ever get the smallest size when I’m out, and I usually don’t finish it. My preferred cups at home are only 9 oz., and I don’t fill them up all the way.

Caffeine hits me hard, so I rarely have more than 6-8 ounces of caffeinated coffee per day. To allow me to comfortably have more than one cup, or to drink coffee in the evenings, I always blend in some decaf beans when brewing at home. I’ll usually make two-thirds decaf, one-third regular.

Even if I could get past the (bad) taste of Starbucks’ regular coffee, I can’t drink it — it has far too much caffeine.

I rarely try to order “half-caf” coffee because I can never get the servers to give me a consistent ratio. It’s far from “half”, usually with too much regular and not enough decaf.

I wish more places had “some caffeine” options. I don’t like all-or-nothing extremism. If I ever start my own coffee shop, I plan to offer a 33%-caffeinated option.