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More on the Windows 7 launch party campaign, first from Cabel Sasser:

Are there people who can relate to — let alone enjoy — this video? And has there even been a more vibrant and tangible demonstration of the difference between Apple and Microsoft?

And Valhalla Island:

The concept is insane. I love OS X and there is no way I would ever host a “launch party” for a new release, no matter what the incentive.

It’s hilarious to think about how such a party would really go. Is everyone going to gather around your laptop awkwardly so you can demo new features of Windows? Does anyone ever do that with any software in any setting remotely resembling a “party”?

Or will guests bring their own laptops (one guy will bring his whole desktop) so you can all have a happy party and upgrade to Windows 7 together and burn a driver CDR for that one guy whose wireless card isn’t recognized and accommodate the guy who forgot his power cable and give up on that other guy whose installation gets hosed in the middle (yes, they’re all guys, because women know better than to attend this), then crush the host’s DSL connection when everyone whose upgrade actually worked starts downloading all of the updates?

Sounds like a blast either way.