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cowsandmilk asked:

Should I get a Nook for my parents so they can change the font size?  They’re both over 60 now and my dad reads with a magnifying glass.

I’ve found that the adjustable font size is the biggest selling point, by far, to older people.

I use the term “older” here loosely: older than me, the majority of the tech scene, and most of the people likely to be reading my blog. Old enough to regularly use magnifying glasses or raise the font sizes on web pages. In reality, this could mean as young as 40. But it certainly applies in larger numbers to people above 60.

A lot of people are buying Kindles for their parents or grandparents, primarily for the font-size adjustments. The anecdotes I’ve heard like this have all ended well with the recipient loving the Kindle.

(Given how similar they appear to be, I’m guessing the same will apply to the Nook. And I bet this will be a major selling point pushed by B&N salespeople while demoing the Nook to “older” people.)