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Wow. I’ve never received as much encouraging feedback in such a short time, via both email and reblogs, as I have after suggesting that I might be interested in purchasing a Canon PowerShot S90.

This thing has a quite a fan club.

Ken Rockwell said about it:

Buy an S90. The S90 is one of those cameras that will get more and more popular throughout its typically short product cycle life, and then the prices will skyrocket as it goes out of stock just at the peak of demand. Order yours today to avoid the rush.

Order it while you can, since I see the S90 as being a camera that is so good that Canon and dealers will underestimate its popularity, making it very hard to get with long wait times after its first introduction. If you want one, order one now since otherwise you may have a long wait after they hit the street and people see how great they are.

That hasn’t quite panned out, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. Even though I don’t agree with a lot of what Ken Rockwell says, that’s a strong recommendation.

The decision for me is really between the S90 and nothing. If I were to get a compact camera to fill this role, it’s clearly the best option.