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Oh yeah, about that Vimeo thing. Putting big-label music in a video is copyright infringement. It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

It’s hardly Capitol Records’ fault that a bunch of internet people think they should be exempt from the terms that their beloved bands agreed to when they signed with the label, and it’s childish to blame Capitol for trying to enforce them. The bands chose to work with Capitol under these terms. Why not direct this anger toward the bands? Why not demand that they work out a deal with their labels to contractually permit their music to be freely used in the ways that you feel should be free?

YouTube was forced to comply with the legality of musical usage. Vimeo can’t expect a free pass simply because its founders are creative.

Vimeo strictly requires videos to be original, non-infringing content. Why shouldn’t that extend to their soundtracks?