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Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break from the tech news world’s perpetual idiocy, stay far away from posting anything that might accidentally get me on the great wasteland of Hacker News, and just blog a bunch of George Carlin’s autobiography quotes from my Kindle clippings. (Seriously. I have 7 more saved as drafts so I wouldn’t overwhelm my blog with all of them at once.)

Over the last few years, I have unsubscribed from nearly every tech-news feed. I have never regretted the decision afterward, and I haven’t missed anything important.

Tech news needs help. Badly. It’s truly terrible.

My feelings toward the people who work in tech journalism are split. I respect them for doing that job, since it looks like it sucks: the pressures are relentless, the work is repetitive, and the audience is ruthless, thankless, callous, and fickle. But I can’t accept that this is the best we can do.