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There aren’t any good apps for that

I was recently on a trip and wanted to find a good Euchre game for my iPhone.

I bought all of them that looked remotely legitimate. (One advantage of App Store pricing is that you can generally buy an entire category of games for under $10 and delete the ones that suck without feeling too badly ripped off. I only had a few minutes before leaving the data coverage area, so I didn’t have time to do much research.)

I figured that I’d find one great Euchre game in the bunch.

Nope. They’re all terrible.

So I lowered my standards. Euchre isn’t as well-known as most card games. How about Hearts? A ton of people know how to play Hearts. It came with Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

There’s one passable Hearts game.

Of over 100,000 available iPhone apps, none of them is a playable Euchre game, and only one of them is a tolerable Hearts game.

Don’t get discouraged if your app idea is taken. (It probably is.) There’s still room in the App Store for high-quality apps and games to be made in nearly every category.