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Subpixel considerations for AMOLED screens

The alternating red/blue PenTile subpixel pattern, as described here, interested me when considering AMOLED-specific design tweaks for Instapaper’s text view.

The Nexus One’s AMOLED screen displaying black text on a white background.

Most significantly with OLEDs, power consumption is greatly reduced when displaying black or very dim colors, so a dark layout option is even more beneficial than with LCDs.

Another consideration is that the blue subpixels have the shortest lifespans, a problem that has always plagued OLEDs and is one of the biggest reasons they’re still rarely used.

To save power while maximizing sharpness and pixel lifespan, green text on a black background may be an ideal choice.

#338800 text against #000000. I mixed in some red to mute the color a bit.

Instapaper in 2010: Now with the finest visual stylings of the Apple II.