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I’ve been asked a lot today which iPad model I reserved and why. I didn’t think anyone would care, but apparently you do, so thanks I guess, and here’s what you asked for:

I’m getting the 16 GB, WiFi-only model.

Why only 16 GB?

I opted for “only” the 16 GB iPhone 3GS as well last summer, and it has proven to be a good idea for me, given:

  1. Due to my developer responsibility and my gadget addiction, I will probably be buying every version of these devices, so I’m really only buying it for ~1 year.
  2. I never watch video on anything but my TV, so I don’t store much (if any) video on portable devices.
  3. I don’t sync my whole music collection, and I can fit as much as I could possibly want on-the-go or on a trip within about 8-10 GB.

So I figure the 16 GB model is a safe bet, and I can save the $100 for next year’s iPad.

Why WiFi-only?

  1. I really need it ASAP for Instapaper development.
  2. I’ll be using it mostly at home, where I have WiFi, and on trips, during which I’m often on airplanes, outside of cellular reception areas, or on other WiFi networks anyway.
  3. I have a Verizon USB EVDO modem that I’m very happy with. Its contract is about to expire, and I’m probably going to replace it with a contract-less MiFi, which I can get for only a bit more than the AT&T iPad’s $130 price premium. Verizon’s service costs a lot more, but it really is that much better for data, especially in the New York area, that it’s worth the cost.
  4. Any light mobile data needs can be served by my iPhone.

Obviously, your needs will vary from mine, so you might decide differently.