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More ideas than time: Logarithmic calendar view

I’ve been sitting on this idea forever, but the chances that I’ll ever do anything with it are close enough to zero that I’m letting it go. (It’s not original, either, but it has yet to make it into a widespread calendar product.)

The basic premise is obvious: Calendar software overdoes the metaphor and carries too much baggage from its physical-object predecessor.

I find myself always keeping my calendars in “month” view, since most weeks only have a few items. (I work the same schedule every weekday and I rarely meet with people.)

The problem is obvious when it’s near the end of a month, like today:

(The same problem applies to the Day and Week views at the end of their intervals.)

There are two problems here:

The ideal view1 would contain today’s events in great detail, then events from the next few days in less detail, then an overview of events in the next 3-5 weeks.

Bonus idea

The same problems, with the same potential solution, apply to driving directions and navigation screens.

  1. A better artist would have mocked these up. I’m sorry. ↩︎