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Quick review of SimTower on iPad

Yoot Saito, designer of SimTower, somehow worked out the rights to release it for iPad, but under the name Yoot Tower (iTunes link), currently for $7.99.

It’s not a great port. Animation and UI performance is sluggish. It feels like it’s running under emulation (and it very well might be). UIKit widgets are abused, often comically. It takes a while to get used to the awkward interface conventions. Every language string has been poorly translated. (I even found one, the “that person is not currently in the tower” message, that was still in Japanese.)

But we just got an hour of enjoyment out of it. I could have kept playing, but it’s the middle of the day and I wanted to get back to work.1 I bet Tiff and I will get many more hours of enjoyment out of it.

Because it’s SimTower. On the iPad. And even though it’s a mediocre-at-best port, it works, and it’s fun.

  1. This post is actually part of today’s “work”. I still can’t believe it. Thanks, The Deck! ↩︎