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We don’t question the power of the OS, but the fit, finish, and ease of use simply is still not there.

Engadget’s Nexus S Review


Many Android customers recognize the lack of polish, usability, or elegance in certain features or certain aspects of the platform. The assumption, either implied or stated, is often that these issues will all get better Any Day Now, and we’re just waiting for Google to get all the way down to “attention to detail” on their Android development checklist.

I’m not holding my breath. Android will continue to exhibit what Google does best: great low-level engineering and tight integration with Google’s other services. But it’s never going to be Apple-like in user experience, polish, or design.

Attention to detail, like most facets of truly good design, can’t be (and never is) added later. It’s an entire development philosophy, methodology, and culture.

Great products, far more often than not, are great since day one.