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Some homeopaths also use techniques that are regarded by other practitioners as controversial. These include paper ‘remedies’, where the substance and dilution are written on a piece of paper and either pinned to the patient’s clothing, put in their pocket, or placed under a glass of water that is then given to the patient, as well as the use of radionics to prepare ‘remedies’. Such practices have been strongly criticised by classical homeopaths as unfounded, speculative, and verging upon magic and superstition.

Wikipedia: Homeopathy

I love the idea of “homeopaths” criticizing other people’s superstitious, unfounded, speculative, pseudoscientific “medical” practices.

(I discovered this gem while looking up the details to explain to Tiff. If you’re not familiar with the details of how homeopathy is supposed to “work”, it’s a pretty good laugh. To borrow from South Park, “THIS IS WHAT HOMEOPATHIC ‘DOCTORS’ ACTUALLY BELIEVE.”)