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Speculation on the iPhone 5 and iPad HD rumors

I’ve read a bunch of rumors about upcoming iPhone and iPad releases. The most credible and sensible rumors indicate:

These are both so plausible and backed up by so many writers’ anonymous sources that they’re not really worth arguing about. I’ll assume for the rest of this post that these are true.

Recently, we’ve also heard:

(As usual, we’ve also heard other crazy rumors that I think are too far-fetched to discuss.)

Usually, the credible-sounding rumors (especially when published by major publications such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal) are based in truth, but have often been distorted or misinterpreted along the way.

We also know:

I’ve heard nothing first-hand, but based on the rumors, past behaviors, and a healthy dose of baseless imagination, here’s my own speculation:

We’ll see what happens. I’m wrong a lot with Apple predictions.