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Dear Allan Odgaard, Author Of TextMate:

I’m sorry I doubted TextMate 2’s future. With your announcement that it is indeed tangibly progressing, it’s a good time to revisit your former statement that it would be a free upgrade to all TextMate 1 customers, which I think you regret.

Please withdraw the free-update offer. We will not hold you to it.

Really. Please. I’m a TextMate customer and I’ve been using the same license since 2006.1 This is an application that I use every day to do most or all of my job. And I bet many of your customers will say the same thing.

Given the value that we get out of TextMate, it’s already grossly underpriced. Please let us give you more money.

You promised the free update in a different era, probably expecting different circumstances. Things have changed.

If the free-update offer still stands when TextMate 2 ships, I will not take you up on it. I’m buying TextMate 2 as a new customer at full price. And I bet many other developers will gladly do the same.

  1. I actually just discovered that my license was from a discount bundle, which I’m ashamed of, so I just bought a proper one. I’m still not taking you up on the free upgrade. ↩︎