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In memory of Dr. Bob Cupper

By the time I arrived at Allegheny College in 2000, I had known I wanted to be a computer scientist for years, and was hoping that I picked the right school to achieve my goals. After just one class with Dr. Bob Cupper, I knew my education was in very good hands.

I took every class of his that I could, and each was invaluable. While I had many great professors, his classes laid the most fundamental groundwork and taught me the most important lessons for my career.

When he hosted the students for a dinner at his home each year, he imparted different but still invaluable lessons, including the incredible sound quality of electrostatic speakers and the rich, even heat of radiant floors. (It should be obvious at this point why Dr. Cupper and I got along so well.) In fact, my wife and I installed a hydronic radiant floor in my renovated home-office last year because I remembered his. He said it was the best kind of heat, and he was right.

Dr. Cupper was a teacher, advisor, role model, and friend to me and so many others.

I’m very sad to learn that he passed away a few days ago. I offer my most sincere condolences to his family, friends, and former students for their loss.

Tucked away under the pile of everything else in life, I always planned to visit Allegheny, stop into Cup’s office, and say hello. Tell him how much I appreciated what he taught me. Show him what I’ve done since then. But it never happened, because I never got around to making that trip. It’s a sobering reminder that it’s never too early to show your appreciation for what someone has taught you.