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I Sold The Magazine, Too

I know: this is getting ridiculous.1 But hear me out.

The Magazine’s development workload was much more front-loaded than I expected. These days, 99% of the work is done by the authors, illustrators, and especially the Executive Editor, Glenn Fleishman.

The actual development required now is minimal, so I’ve been handling the business overhead of The Magazine without doing much of the kind of work I actually enjoy. I accidentally built a business that I’m not very well-suited to run. Glenn’s doing almost everything already, so I’m effectively a figurehead.

Glenn wants to put even more into The Magazine, but like renting an apartment, there’s not much he can fundamentally change about The Magazine without owning it. So we decided to fix that.

On June 1, Glenn Fleishman will take ownership of The Magazine. I’ll be stepping back to an advisory role. Here’s a press release, since Glenn knew how to write one. And here’s Glenn’s full post on it.

At first, not much will change — most subscribers won’t even notice the transition. But soon, you’ll start to see why we decided to do this as Glenn starts improving, adding to, and changing The Magazine for the better.

  1. Don’t worry, Hops isn’t for sale. ↩︎