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FCModel and Swift

After years of writing Objective-C, I was finally confident enough in my skills and understanding of the language to write and open-source a general-purpose model layer, FCModel, as a lightweight Core Data alternative that’s closer to SQL. It has attracted a small but solid audience, with many invaluable contributions and bugfixes.

Apparently, it somewhat works with Swift. But I don’t plan to port it in the near future.

Swift is a new language with new behaviors and, most importantly, new standards and expectations. I expect to accumulate enough Swift knowledge and experience to be able to make something like FCModel for it, but:

By that time, SwiftModel (or whatever) may not need to exist. Core Data in iOS 8 and 10.10 matched some of its major advantages, so maybe we’ll all just use that. Or maybe someone else will come up with a better SQLite model implementation for Swift by then.

I just wrote a huge app with FCModel, so I’m sticking with it for a while in Objective-C, but I don’t intend to port it to Swift soon, or in a recognizable or compatible form.