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Dynamic range of the Sony A7R II

Tiff made fun of me on our upstate walk when I told the camera to dramatically underexpose this.

But modern Sony sensors are so good that I knew that there’d be tons of shadow detail to recover, and it was more important not to blow out the highlights.

I don’t have much photographic talent, really. A real pro (like Tiff) could’ve taken a much better picture here. Nobody cares about my unmemorable landscape photos except me.

But the reason I buy good cameras like this is to let a regular person like me capture my everyday life, for myself and my family, as best as I possibly can. So when I screw up the exposure…

…I can fix it.

And I can send my awesome grandparents, ages 91 and 87, a picture with their great-grandson, rather than regretting having missed the shot.