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Overcast for iOS 11 coming soon

I’m sorry that I missed the iOS 11 launch for my fancy drag-and-drop update. It’s coming soon, but it’s not ready yet.

In Hello Internet episode 4, CGP Grey introduced a metaphor for work-life balance as four light bulbs — work, friends, family, and health — between which one can allocate 100 watts, total. So it’s possible to shine brightly in one area at significant cost to the others, or to try to have a mediocre spread between all of them.

Usually, I prioritize family and work, in that order, and my friends are pretty tolerant of my general neglect, but health gets left as a pretty low priority.

This summer, I decided I finally needed to devote significant time to health, and since my family always comes first, that mostly came at the expense of reduced work time.1 And iOS 11 has ended up requiring more changes and fixes than I expected.

So I have a great Overcast update for iOS 11 and iPhone X in progress, but it’s not done yet. I appreciate your patience, and I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

  1. I’m fine. I just finally realized that the correct amount of exercise for a 35-year-old was probably not zero. ↩︎