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“Please, as an advice to general HN posters…”

I don’t browse Hacker News regularly because too few of its posts interest me. But my posts often rank well there and gather a lot of comments, then various Twitter bots start showing up in my saved search for links, so I usually end up reading the comment threads on my posts.

I probably shouldn’t.

It’s remarkable (and quite sad) how so many commenters there get so angry and have so much hatred toward people who write opinions they disagree with about electronics. But this epic rant is probably the most unintentionally amusing, ridiculous one I’ve seen against me to date, by someone I’ve never met, in response to my boring, uncontroversial Google Reader API post:

Please, as an advice to general HN posters, please avoid posting links here on HN, because his sole intention is to sell his readers out more than focusing on writing. That’s a fairly grande accusation, but it’s justified.

Do you know why is he writing about Google Reader now? Go to your HN homepage right now, as of writing this comment, the Google reader announcement has about 1700 upvotes. Ouch, that’s a lot of views for someone to let go of. Hence, if someone writes something that compliments this announcement, common sense tells me that they would get more page views.

There’s nothing wrong in having ads on your blog/website, people do it all the time. What’s wrong is trying to create an impression to your readers that your sole intention is to write quality content, while you care just about pageviews. Please, realize that is no different from Techcrunch!

Marco isn’t innocent, if you’ve been following him closely. Also, I think it would help if you take a look at this page where he just blatantly sells us, his readers like some piece of junk commodity.